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Welcome to The Pilcrow Principle!

Let's get the obvious question out of the way first... what's a pilcrow?

It's a paragraph mark!

Why The Pilcrow Principle?

For starters, it ain't easy coming up with an original blog title (or URL) that hasn't already been snaffled ('pilcrow' and 'thepilcrow' were already taken). I've turned my love affair with this typographic symbol into a writing philosophy and for me, The Pilcrow Principle is to writing a novel what putting one foot in front of another is walking - each paragraph is a step towards a completed novel (whether reading or writing for that matter).

The other thing I like about the unassuming pilcrow is how underrated it is (like my protagonist) and how it is only seen when you go looking for it (also like my protagonist).

Why this blog?

This blog will be a repository for moments, memories and other things worth remembering (I have a brain like a sieve!). I head to the UK and Europe in eight days (countdown!) for my 7-week ramble through world's past, cities present and the timeless wonders of nature, paragraph by paragraph.

I'll be doing some research along the way too, as well as when I return, so the blog will become a journal of sorts over time (at which point it will likely lose all interest to any family or friends that follow my 2023 travels).

If you want to join me along the way, subscribe and you'll be notified when publish posts. There will be pictures too... in the gallery at the bottom of the home page.

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Apr 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Loving it already Jacqui! I stayed in Bloomsbury last July so I can picture your explorations there perfectly… enjoy


Apr 17, 2023

Have fun, travel safely and bring back lots wonderful stories.


Unknown member
Apr 10, 2023

Can’t wait to read more in the coming weeks


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